About Us

NSW Operating Theatre Association

The NSW Operating Theatre Association Inc's objectives are to:

  1. Promote and provide perioperative nursing education
  2. Disseminate perioperative nursing innovations, advancements, and best practice
  3. Assist in the establishment of standards of care for perioperative nursing.
  4. Support research and promote evidence-based perioperative nursing practice
  5. Facilitate communication and networking between perioperative nurses and state, national and international nursing bodies
  6. Collaborate with, and provide expert advice to, government, industry and regulatory bodies.
  7. Encourage the highest quality of care for all perioperative patients
  8. Advocate professional issues for perioperative nurses
  9. Promote perioperative nursing as a preferred career choice.


Executive Committee 2019-2021

Tracy Kerle

Jenny Cubitt
Minutes Secretary

Mary-Anne Renshaw

Karen Hall
ACORN Director

Angela Coleman
President Elect

Lauren Bradford

Lucinda Jones van Buuren

Jodie Traves