The NSW OTA is delighted to be able to present the Annual NSW OTA Awards.
The purpose of these awards is to assist with the ongoing promotion of Excellence in the specialist field of Perioperative Nursing.

The NSW OTA Awards are presented at the NSW OTA Annual Conference.

The closing date is December 31st every year.

Details about the Awards can be found in the following documents: Awards Information and Awards Policy.

NSW OTA Perioperative Nursing Awards Information

The NSW OTA is delighted to be able to present Annual NSW OTA Awards.

The purpose of these awards is to assist the ongoing promotion of excellence in the specialist field of Perioperative Nursing. The NSW OTA Awards are presented at the NSW OTA Conference. 

Why have the Awards?

The NSW OTA believe that the Awards will assist in the creation of a common vision for achieving perioperative excellence

  • Providing professional credibility for Perioperative Nurses.
  • Recognising individual and team efforts of Perioperative Nurses at a local level.
  • Recognising and promoting the NSW OTA as a professional body, which promotes Perioperative excellence.

Benefit to Patients

It is believed that patients benefit from improved outcomes based on evidence based practice a result of extending practitioners into new realms of Perioperative clinical service. It is hoped these awards will stimulate perioperative nurses to
work towards these goals.

Benefit to Perioperative Nurses

  • Recognition for service, effort, dedication and initiative.
  • Personal satisfaction for those who strive for improvement.
  • Recognition for professional and career profile.
  • Professional development and growth.
  • Validation of worth to the organisation and the profession.
  • Experience in the application of the National Standards.

Benefit to Individual Practice Settings

  • Recognition for the promotion of proactive and innovative clinical practice.
  • Enhancement of a positive morale within the practice setting.
  • Promotion of Perioperative nursing as a career path.
  • Recognition as a preferred place of employment.
  • Potential advertising/recruitment strategy.
  • Fostering a renewed commitment from staff towards professional practice.
  • Evidence of quality outcomes.
  • Application of the National Standards.

Benefit to the NSW OTA

  • Promotion of the advancement of Perioperative Nursing.
  • Raises the overall standard of Perioperative Nursing practice.
  • Promotion of Perioperative Nursing as a career path.
  • Promotes/raises the profile of the NSW Operating Theatre Association


Perioperative Nursing Awards Policy

Introduction and purpose

An award may be presented to one or more perioperative nurses in any year, but not necessarily every year, by the NSW Operating Theatre Association Inc. These are in recognition of NSW OTA member’s accomplishments which have broadly impacted on perioperative nursing in the areas of practice, management, education and/or research.

Policy Statements 

The following processes will be adhered to:

  1. A public call for nominations of NSW OTA members will be sent to all NSW OTA members and will include NSW OTA nomination forms for all available categories. 
  2. Individuals may also nominate themselves.
  3. Nominations will be assessed on the details and evidence supplied within the completed nomination form, in accordance with the assessment criteria.
  4. Any activities and outcomes utilised as evidence to address each criterion must have occurred within the 12 months prior to the nomination or since the previous award presentation.
  5. Copies of documentation supporting aspects of the nomination may be included in your submission.
  6. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.
  7. An Assessment Panel appointed by the NSW OTA Executive Committee will examine the nominations. The panel will consist of two NSW OTA Committee members (one of whom is the President), and an independent perioperative nurse nominated by the NSW OTA Executive Committee.
  8. The NSW OTA Executive Committee and the Assessment Panel members will respect the confidentiality of all nominations and contents.
  9. Award nomination packages are to be received (in hard copy or electronically) by the NSW OTA Secretariat, PO Box 212, Croydon NSW 2132 by 31 December each year.
  10. All awards will be presented at the NSW OTA Conference. 
  11. Notifications will be sent to the nursing profession of the award recipients and will be published in the ACORN Journal, the NSW OTA Newsletter ‘Suite Talk’ and the NSW OTA website.



Award for Excellence in Perioperative Nursing
For a perioperative nurse whose work and accomplishments have impacted significantly on perioperative nursing in one or more of the following areas: clinical practice, management, education, or research.

Excellence Nomination Criteria

Download your application form here: Award Excellence Nomination Criteria


Award for Outstanding Achievement by an individual Perioperative Nurse:

  1. Senior Nurse Manager; Nurse Manager; Nurse Unit Manager
  2. Clinical Nurse Consultant; Clinical Nurse Specialist; Clinical Nurse Educator
  3. Registered Nurse
  4. Enroled Nurse

Individual Nomination Criteria

Download your application form here: Award Individual Nomination Criteria

Award for Perioperative Student of the Year
A post-graduate nursing student undertaking studies in perioperative nursing who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in applying theory to perioperative practice.

Student Nomination Criteria

Download your application form here: Award Student Nomination Criteria

Award for Perioperative Teamwork:
A perioperative nursing team who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in perioperative leadership by applying the theory of teamwork to their perioperative practice.

Team Award Nomination Criteria

Download your application form here: Award Team Nomination Criteria

Certificate of Appreciation Award:
This award is presented to a perioperative nurse or other person as nominated by a NSW OTA member who has demonstrated consistent and significant support of the NSW OTA and the profession of perioperative nursing.

Merit Nomination Criteria

Download your application form here: Award Merit Nomination Criteria

The award of Honorary LIFE Membership is given to a perioperative nurse who has made an outstanding contribution to Perioperative Nursing.

Download the nomination form by clicking on the LINK below:

Award Life Nomination Criteria

Evidence must be provided outlining the accomplishments of the person you are nominating, which will demonstrate that they fulfil the criteria below.

Provide Evidence for each of the itemised criteria:

  1. Being a nurse currently working in the perioperative environment
    OR Retired from the perioperative nursing workforce at the time of application,
  2. Having served for a minimum of 15 years as a full member of the NSW Operating Theatre Association,
  3. Having served as a member of the city/zone/special interest group executive
    OR Serving on another NSW Operating Theatre Committee for a minimum of 3 years 
    OR Having made a significant contribution as a member, assisting the promotion and enhancement of perioperative nursing.
  4. Having made a significant contribution in terms of time, effort and commitment and extraordinary service to the NSW OTA,
  5. Their commitment to the advancement of Perioperative Nursing over a significant period of years,
  6. Their attendance at city/zone/special interest group meetings and annual conferences,
  7. Having published articles OR participated in research OR delivered presentations of interest to Perioperative Nurses,


The award of Honorary Life Membership is the highest honour the NSW Operating Theatre Association Incorporated (NSW OTA) can bestow on an individual and is done so in recognition of those who have made an outstanding contribution to the existence or effectiveness of the Association and/or Perioperative Nursing during their NSW OTA Membership.


To honour the commitment and contribution to Perioperative Nursing, the Life Member will;

  • Receive free NSW OTA membership for LIFE.
  • Have FULL voting rights until the member has retired from perioperative nursing
  • Receive discounted rates for NSW OTA Conferences and Professional Education Days. The discount will be decided each term by the current NSW OTA Executive committee.
  • Continue to receive the NSW OTA newsletter Suite Talk and the ACORN journal.
  • Be eligible for roles on the NSW OTA State Executive or Zone committees.
  • Be eligible for NSW OTA Financial assistance until retirement from perioperative nursing.