Education Financial Assistance


The NSW OTA is pleased to offer annual Education Scholarships to assist RNs, EENs and ENs with post graduate education related to perioperative nursing.

Scholarships up to a maximum amount of $1,500 will be awarded annually and applications may be submitted at any time during the year, but must be received prior to commencement of the study. The scholarship will be provided in one payment at the commencement of the course of study.


In order for a member of the NSW OTA to be eligible to receive an Education Scholarship, you must fulfill the following criteria:

• Be a full member of the NSW OTA (full members only are eligible for Education Scholarships).

• Are a current member of the NSW OTA and have been a full member of another State

perioperative group(s), both memberships totalling a minimum of two consecutive years.

• Have not received an Education Grant from the NSW OTA within the two years preceding the current grant application.

Please note

• The NSW OTA must be notified of your deferment or withdrawal from the course within one month of such action. A decision will be made by the Executive regarding return of the scholarship monies.

• Submission of Education Scholarship

• Only completed applications will be considered

• Completed applications must first be submitted to the appropriate Zone Executive for endorsement if applicable.

• Once endorsed, the application is forwarded to the NSW OTA Honorary Secretary for consideration at the first Executive meeting following receipt of the application.

• Applicants will be notified in writing of the result of their application as soon as a decision is made.


• A written paper related to the course must be submitted within three months of completion of the course. This must be in the form of an assignment or project completed during the course. The paper should be between 1500 and 2000 words approximately.

• Failure to submit a report will result in the NSW OTA seeking the return of the Education

Scholarship monies and future grant applications will not be considered.

• Reports should be submitted in a format and of a standard suitable for publishing in the  ACORN journal (see ACORN guidelines for publication). However, publication of the report will be at the discretion of the Editor.

• An electronic version of the report in Word format should be provided.

Download the form here: Education Grant Form