Excellence Nomination Criteria


Criteria and Nomination 

The Excellence in Perioperative Nursing award is presented to a perioperative nurse or other person, as nominated by a NSW OTA Inc member, whose work and accomplishments have impacted significantly on perioperative nursing in one or more of the following areas: clinical practice, management, education and or research.

Customer Focus

Describe how the nominee has ensured they are responsive to the needs of your customers.  Describe who the nominee has identified as your customers.

Continuous Improvement

Describe how the nominee has incorporated continuous improvement into their daily work practices.


Describe the significant outcomes the nominee has achieved for nursing/healthcare.

Striving for Best Practice

Describe the steps the nominee has taken towards achieving best practice.


Describe how the nominee has implemented or supported excellent leadership initiatives within your workforce.


Describe how the nominee has demonstrated an innovative approach to achieving appropriate outcomes.

Application to other settings

Describe the ways in which the nominee’s outcomes are transferable to other nursing/healthcare settings.


Please note that the recipient of the Award of Excellence is not eligible to receive another award in any other category (except perioperative teamwork).


Application process must be completed in the attached form below and provided as per NSW OTA Perioperative Awards Policy

Download your application form here: Award Excellence Nomination Criteria