External Scholarships, Grants and Courses

External Scholarships & other opportunities available for nurses in NSW & ACT

This list is fluid and will be added to as more scholarships, grants and courses become available.


ACORN financial support and Scholarships

ACORN supports its members and perioperative nursing by offering financial support for professional development and acknowledging outstanding contributions to perioperative nursing and the perioperative profession.

ACORN financial assistance through grants and scholarships is intended to support the learning of its members and assist perioperative nurses to:

  • Develop higher level skills related to the practice of perioperative nursing
  • Carry out projects that will enhance perioperative nursing competence


Australian College of Nursing Scholarships

If you are looking for financial assistance to help you pursue your health care education goals, you have come to the right place!

ACN is dedicated to helping you be the best you can be by providing access to scholarships, grants and awards.

We are proud to administer a range of Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate aged care, nursing and midwifery courses as well as scholarships for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students studying entry-level health courses.

We also offer grants and awards to support nurses to complete continuing professional development as well as postgraduate study and research.


NSW Health Nursing & Midwifery Scholarships

Postgraduate and Career Development Scholarships

The Nursing and Midwifery Office supports nursing and midwifery scholarships, which are administered by the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI). 

Scholarships of up to $10,000 are offered to registered nurses and midwives who are studying a postgraduate course. The amount awarded varies and depends on study type and whether the program is already subsidised.

The scholarships help with educational expenses directly associated with postgraduate studies. They are open to those working permanently in full- or part-time positions in the NSW public health system. Casual employees of NSW Health may be eligible. See eligibility criteria for more information.

Scholarships are awarded through a competitive selection process and not all applicants will be successful. The scholarship will not cover all costs associated with a program of study.


NSW Nurses & Midwives Association Scholarships

Education and research scholarships are available to nurses and midwives through the Association and other nursing bodies.



Australian Nurses Memorial Centre Scholarships

Scholarship applications are open annually from 1 July to 31 August.

The Australian Nurses Memorial Centre (ANMC) is proud to offer scholarships for nurses and midwives as part of its mission to act as a living memorial by advancing the nursing profession through education. The ANMC provides and administers scholarships for nurses and midwives undertaking postgraduate study by coursework or research at an Australian university or other accredited higher education institution.


Lions NSW/ACT Nurses Scholarship Foundation

The mission of the Lions NSW/ACT Nurses Scholarship Foundation is to provide the opportunity for nurses in NSW & ACT to continue their professional development. Scholarships of varying value are granted to nurses in NSW & ACT each year.

Click here to find out more Information for Nurses about Scholarships

Applications are received each year from 1 August until COB 31 October.


ACT HEALTH - Nursing & Midwifery Scholarships

The Office of the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Office, ACT Health, sponsors the following nursing and midwifery scholarships that pertain to Postgraduate studies and Professional Development ;

  • Postgraduate Nursing and Midwifery Scholarships

The postgraduate scholarships are to support the ongoing professional education and skill development of nurses and midwives across the health care sector. Scholarships for postgraduate tuition fees are offered to support clinical education, research, leadership and management scopes of practice.  

Applications are invited twice per year, at the beginning of each calendar year and mid-year.

  • Professional Development Scholarships

The Professional Development Scholarship (new and additional to postgraduate scholarships) - replaces the Travel Scholarship.

ACT Health promotes a learning culture through the provision of the Nursing & Midwifery Scholarship Scheme to enhance the ongoing professional development and skill levels of staff across the organisation. The ACT Health Office of the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Professional Development Scholarship Scheme is managed by the Nursing and Midwifery Office on behalf of the ACT Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer.

Professional Development scholarships will be available for application all year. Applications will be reviewed every two months by the scholarship panel.

An amount of up to $4000 will be awarded to cover costs of conference, course registration or innovation project.

Further information can be found here.


The Clinical Training and Evaluation Centre (CTEC) aims to encapsulate the fundamental principles of adult teaching and learning in its wide range of workshops, to create a safe and supportive environment for doctors and nurses to learn and establish surgical and medical skills.


Training for Nurses

CTEC offers skills training workshops for nurses who are required to perform procedural nursing assistance.  CTEC offers workshops to qualified nurses who are looking to learn

  • Treatment room skills
  • Endoscopy nurse skills
  • Theatre/microsurgical skills

CTEC also offers limited free of charge places for Theatre Nurses acting in the role of assistant in numerous workshops.


Institute of Trauma & Injury Management

The Institute of Trauma & Injury Management hold regular combined events (both face-2-face and virtual) that are at no cost. Further information can be found here: Institute of Trauma & Injury Management