Humanitarian Work Financial Assistance


Definition of humanitarian work:

“When a person is devoted to promoting the welfare of humanity, especially through the elimination of pain and suffering, usually in a voluntary capacity.” 

The purpose of the Guidelines on Sponsorship of Members Engaged in Humanitarian Works is to provide the NSW OTA Executive with criteria to evaluate sponsorship applications.

The Guidelines on Sponsorship of Members Engaged in Humanitarian Works applies to applications by NSW OTA members seeking sponsorship from NSW OTA for support in undertaking humanitarian works either alone or as part of a not-for-profit organisation.


• Applicant/s must have been full financial member/s of the NSW OTA for at least two consecutive years.

• Only completed applications will be considered

• Applications must be in writing stating the focus/scope of the humanitarian work. The member/s must state if they are undertaking the work alone or as part of a not-for-profit group/organisation.

• The applicant must provide proof of role/involvement in the humanitarian work.

• The applicant must provide information regarding other sponsorship applications and/or fund raising activities undertaken/planned.

• Applications must be received no later than 3 months prior to the date of the commencement of the work to be undertaken.

• Applicants must have the written support of another financial member of the NSW OTA.

• Once endorsed, the application is forwarded to the Honorary Secretary for consideration at the first NSW OTA Inc. Executive meeting following receipt of the application.

• Applicants will be notified in writing of the result of their application.

• The applicant may not apply for any further financial support for a 2year period following successful application.


• The applicant/s must agree to present a report to the NSW OTA regarding the work supported by the sponsorship.

• Reports must be submitted to the NSW OTA Honorary Secretary within three months of the completion of the humanitarian work.

• Failure to submit a report will result in the NSW OTA seeking the return of the humanitarian grant monies and future education grant applications will not be considered.

• Should be approximately 1000 words in length.

• Reports will be submitted in electronic and hard copy formats (see ACORN guidelines for publication) in the ACORN Journal or Suite Talk Publication of the report will be at the discretion of the Editor.

• This report may form the basis of a presentation at the NSW OTA Inc. Annual Conference/ Professional day/s and/or may be published in the ACORN Journal, Suite Talk and/or the NSW OTA Inc. website.

Download the form here: Humanitarian Work Grant Form