Zone 6 PED Tickets on Sale Monday 18th March

17th March 2024
By Zone 6 NSWOTA
Tickets on SALE 18th March 2024. Members: $90.30; non-Members $215. JOIN & SAVE

Non-Members $215*
Members $90.30 (58% discount off non-member pricing)

*Join the OTA for $113.60 then purchase your ticket for $90.60!
Your total cost will be $203.90.
Still less than the price of a non-Member ticket PLUS all the BENEFITS of being a Full Member of the OTA!


TOPICS include:
+ New Sterilisation Standard
+ Waitlist Demystified
+ Knee Replacement
+ Obstetric Emergency - A case study
+ Perioperative Nutrition
+ Sutures: What, Why and When
+ Zone 6 General Meeting


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