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Promoting Perioperative Excellence

 Perioperative Nursing Awards Policy (Application information)

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Excellence in Perioperative Nursing 

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The NSW OTA is delighted to be able to present Annual NSW OTA  Awards. 

The purpose of the awards is to assist the ongoing promotion of excellence in the specialist field of Perioperative Nursing.  The NSW OTA Awards are presented at the NSW OTA Annual Conference.

Why have the Awards?

The NSW OTA believe that the Awards will assist in the creation of a common vision for achieving perioperative excellence through:

  • Providing professional credibility for Perioperative Nurses.

  • Recognising individual and team efforts of Perioperative Nurses at a local level.

  • Recognising and promoting the NSW OTA as a professional body, which promotes Perioperative excellence.

Benefit to Patients

It is believed that patients benefit from improved outcomes based on evidence based practice a result of  extending practitioners into new realms of Perioperative clinical service.  It is hoped these awards will stimulate perioperative nurses to work towards these goals.

Benefit to Perioperative Nurses

  • Recognition for service, effort, dedication and initiative.

  • Personal satisfaction for those who strive for improvement.

  • Recognition for professional and career profile.

  • Professional development and growth.

  • Validation of worth to the organisation and the profession.

  • Experience in the application of the National Standards.

 Benefit to Individual Practice Settings

  • Recognition for the promotion of proactive and innovative clinical practice.

  • Enhancement of a positive morale within the practice setting.

  • Promotion of Perioperative nursing as a career path.

  • Recognition as a preferred place of employment.

  • Potential advertising/recruitment strategy.

  • Fostering a renewed commitment from staff towards professional practice.

  • Evidence of quality outcomes.

  • Application of the National Standards.

Benefit to the NSW OTA

  • Promotion of the advancement of Perioperative Nursing.

  • Raises the overall standard of Perioperative Nursing practice.

  • Promotion of Perioperative Nursing as a career path.

  • Promotes/raises the profile of the NSW Operating Theatre Association



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Benefits of NSW OTA membership:

  • Discounts for perioperative conferences and professional education days
  • Financial assistance for education and other perioperative nursing activities
  • Automatic membership to ACORN – our national perioperative nursing body
  • Networking with Perioperative nurses at state and national levels
  • Access to the 'members only" areas of NSW OTA and ACORN websites
  • Professional recognition

NB: please check the NSW OTA Membership page for further application information and conditions.

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