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Visiting an operating suite …..

Next time you're on a clinical placement in a hospital with surgical patients, try to arrange a visit to the operating suite. Even if you don't think that perioperative nursing is the specialty for you, a visit to the operating suite is a worthwhile experience. It provides a unique opportunity to visualise with your own eyes many of the anatomical structures that you'll otherwise see only in text books.

As a surgical nurse you'll be better equipped to answer patient questions if you've been to the operating suite and witnessed first hand the perioperative experience of a surgical patient as they progress from anaesthetics, through surgery and to the recovery room.

For those who think their career lies in the operating suite this will provide the chance to get a taste of perioperative nursingto determine if it is the area for you.

Arranging the visit to the operating suite

You should first approach your facilitator. They will assist you in arranging the visit by contacting the operating suite.

The facilitator should speak to the Operating Suite Educator in the first instance. If there is no educator then speak to the Operating Suite Manager. They will let you know whether a visit can be arranged for you. Please remember that every effort will be made to facilitate your visit but there are many learners (not just nursing) who visit the operating suite and not all requests can be accommodated. A refusal does not mean your visit is unwanted. As with most things the sooner you begin making arrangements the more likely, your request can be granted.

If your facilitator is reluctant to arrange the visit for you, you can contact the operating suite and arrange it yourself as long as you have your facilitators permission. You may find that you get more from the visit if you follow a patient that you have been caring for on the ward.

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