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Life Membership information

LIFE MEMBERSHIP: Criteria & Guidelines

Application criteria and Nomination Form                          

The award of Honorary Life Membership is the highest honour the NSW Operating Theatre Association Inc can bestow on an individual and is done so in recognition of those who have made an outstanding contribution to the existence or effectiveness of the Association and/or Perioperative Nursing during their NSW OTA membership.

Nominations must:

  • be proposed by a financial full member of the Association.
  • be endorsed by the appropriate Zone Executive before being forwarded to the NSW OTA Secretary.
  • be forwarded to the NSW OTA Secretary at least 8 weeks before the NSW OTA Annual Conference.
  • be made in writing on an official NSW OTA Honorary Life Membership form
  • fulfil all the criteria set down in the application form including a comprehensive curriclum vitae

The following criteria must be addressed in the body of the submission to assist the selection committee in assessing the candidate’s eligibility for the above award:

The candidate must:

  • be  a nurse currently working in the perioperative environment OR retired from the perioperative nursing workforce at the time of the presentation,
  • have served for a minimum of 15 years as a full member of the NSW Operating Theatre Association
  • have served as a member of the city/zone/special interest group executive OR other NSW Operating Theatre Committee for a minimum of 3 years or made significant contribution as a member, assisting the promotion and enhancement of perioperative nursing.
  • have made a significant contribution in terms of time, effort and commitment and extraordinary service to the NSW OTA,
  • have evidence of their commitment to the advancement of Perioperative Nursing over a significant period of years,
  • have evidence of their attendance at city/zone/special interest group meetings and annual conferences
  • have published articles OR participation in research OR presentations delivered on Perioperative Nursing

Once the nomination has been received by the NSW OTA Secretariat the proposer will receive a letter of acknowledgment.

The application will then:

  • be reviewed by a panel chosen by the current NSW OTA Executive at the time of the nomination,
  • be reviewed by a panel of 3 members, who have no conflicts of interest relevant to the nominee and 2 of which  must have a perioperative background,
  • be assessed within 2 weeks of receiving the nomination.

 The NSW OTA Executive committees’ decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.

Entitlements - the life member will

  • receive free NSW OTA membership for life
  • have full voting rights until the member has retired from perioperative nursing
  • receive discounted rates for NSW OTA conferences and professional days. The discount will be decided each term by the relevant NSW OTA executive committee
  • continue to receive the NSW OTA newsletter and the ACORN journal
  •  be eligible for executive roles on the NSW OTA Executive committee and NSW OTA grants until retirement from perioperative nursing.


Member login

Notice: Due to server upgrade, all members are required to create a new password by using the link below:

Become a Member

Benefits of NSW OTA membership:

  • Discounts for perioperative conferences and professional education days
  • Financial assistance for education and other perioperative nursing activities
  • Automatic membership to ACORN – our national perioperative nursing body
  • Networking with Perioperative nurses at state and national levels
  • Access to the 'members only" areas of NSW OTA and ACORN websites
  • Professional recognition

NB: please check the NSW OTA Membership page for further application information and conditions.

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