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Past Presidents

Past Presidents                                                 Past presidents slideshow





1957-1958  Sr. Mary Gabriel RSC 1988-1989 Miss. Brigid Tracey
1959-1960  Miss. Enid Maskey 1989-1990 Mr. John Stuart
1960-1961  Miss. Gwen Morrow 1990-1991 Mrs. Roslyn Berryman
1961-1962  Miss. Beryl Phillips  (now Bentley) 1991-1992 Miss. Karalynne Redknap
1962-1963 Miss. Lesley Cooke 1992-1993 Ms. Menna Davies           
1963-1964 Sr. Mary Vianney 1993-1994 Mrs. Narelle Hines
1965-1966  Miss. Freda Hundt      1994-1995 Miss Karalynne Redknap        
1966-1968   Mrs. Joan Englert 1995-1996 Ms. Phyllis Davis
1968-1969 Miss. Evelyn Cowell               1996-1997 Mrs. Roslyn Berryman
1969-1971 Mrs. Joan Englert 1997-1998 Mrs. Pauline Walker
1971-1972 Sr. Mary Laboure RSC           1998-1999 Ms. Robyn McEachran
1972-1973 Mrs. Joan Englert 1999-2000 Ms Lois Hamlin
1973-1975 Miss. Rita Stahl           2000-2001 Ms Belinda Chapman         
1975-1976 Miss. Mair Jones 2001-2003 Ms. Frances O’Brien
1976-1979 Mrs. Joan Englert 2003-2005 Ms. Menna Davies
1979-1980 Mrs. Judith Cornell 2005-2007 Mrs. Jenny Cubitt
1980-1981 Miss. Judith Meppem 2007-2009       Ms Jane Waldron
1981-1982   Miss. Lesley Cooke 2009-2011 Ms Kerry Rodgers
1982-1983 Miss. Merrilyn Cox (now Marrilyn Little) 2011-2013 Ms Allanah Hazelgrove
1984-1985 Mrs. Narelle Hines 2013-2015 Ms Tracy Kerle
1985-1986 Ms. Anna-Marie Nagy 2015 - 2016 Ms Hayley McIntosh
 1986-1987  Mrs. Judith Cornell 2016 - 2017 Mrs. Jenny Cubitt
 1987-1988  Miss. Valerie Thomas  2017 - current  Allanah Hazelgrove

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