Research Financial Assistance


The NSW OTA is pleased to offer Research Grants designed to provide financial assistance to NSW OTA members who are conducting research in the area of perioperative nursing.

Research Grants will be awarded to a maximum value of $10,000 made in two separate payments.


• Research grants applications may be submitted at any time during the year, but must be received by the NSW OTA at least 3 months prior to commencement of the research project.

• Recipients are required to submit a progress report at six month intervals during the research period and a final report at the conclusion of this period outlining how the grant funds were used.


• The application must be an active member of the research team and a practicing perioperative nurse who has been a full financial member of the NSW OTA for at least two consecutive years.

• Have not received a Research Grant from the OTA or ACORN within the two years preceding the current grant application.

• Submission of Research Grant Application

• An application form must accompany supporting documentation.

• A copy of your Curriculum Vitae or professional portfolio should be included.

• Proof of NSW OTA membership by the applicant.

• Title and summary of research proposal.

• Ethics approval by relevant Ethics Committee as applicable.
  A copy of Ethics Committee approval or relevant consent documentation should be submitted.

• Estimation of funds required, including breakdown of costs.

• Expected time frame for the completion of the research and a funding schedule.

• Within 3 months of completion of the research paper present a written report for possible publication in the ACORN Journal. Reports should be submitted in a format and of a standard suitable for publishing in ACORN (see ACORN guidelines for publication). However publication of the paper will be at the discretion of the editor.

• Apply to present a paper on the research project at the annual NSW OTA conference (this could be in the form of your research proposal, work in progress or report at completion of the research project).

• Acknowledge NSW OTA financial support in publications and at conferences.

• Failure to complete the research project or submit a report may result in the NSW OTA seeking the return of Research Grant funding and and future grant applications will not be considered.

DOWNLOAD FORM HERE: Research Grant Form