Perioperative Team Award Nomination Criteria



A perioperative nursing team who has demonstrated outstanding achievements in perioperative leadership by applying the theory of teamwork to their perioperative practice. One of the team members MUST be a NSW OTA member.



Customer Focus

How the nominees value the needs of the organisation and the team.

Continuous Improvement

Describe the ways in which the nominees have monitored their performance as a team.


Describe the outcomes the nominees have achieved as a team that would not have been possible as individuals.

Striving for Best Practice

Describe how the nominees have benchmarked the team’s achievements.


Describe how the nominees have developed their team relationships.

Describe how the nominees have supported the direction of their teamwork to achieve their outcomes.



Describe the team approach the nominees have taken to achieving the organisation’s outcomes.

Application to other settings

Describe the ways in which the nominees have or plan to share their approach with other nursing/healthcare settings to improve patient outcomes.




Download your application form here: Award Team Nomination Criteria